Aestethic Medicine

INTELIKON is proud distributor HYALUAL brand. The main activity of Hyalual is the development and implementation of innovative, science-based solutions in the field of aesthetic medicine.

HYALUAL awarded two awards by Global Health&Pharma 2019:

  • brightness_1 Best Aesthetic Medicine Solutions Manufacturer 2019
  • brightness_1 Most Outstanding in Skin Rejuvenation 2019


We are committed to honoring beauty

Beauty is more than simply appearance. It is the art of living. Each client’s vision of personal beauty shines a light on their inner state and how they envision the world around them. At Hyalual, we believe that beauty starts with a healthy foundation, so our efforts are aimed at improving skin quality in the hope that having beautiful skin will enhance our clients’ quality of life. We have ultimate faith in our work, as well as the work of aesthetic medical professionals, to bring beauty to the faces of our clients as a means of achieving the highest form of art: The art of personal presentation.

We are on the cutting edge of science

Hyalual’s goal is to make our clients’ wishes of eliminating skin imperfections come true by implementing innovative anti-aging solutions using safe, effective methods that work. We are proud to offer advanced product lines that make this possible. Hyalual is a trusted brand that values science and results above all. We rely on proven scientific developments in skincare to achieve the best results. We also work hard to maintain strong professional relationships. Once you come to know and trust us, we aim to build on that trust for a lifetime. Hyalual is committed to reliable partnerships that stand the test of time.


Life is the main value on the earth and we are aimed at preserving and improving it. Hyalual’s mission is to improve beauty, health and quality of life through innovative skincare solutions that really work. Our goal is to help our clients live more beautifully each and every day.


Hyalual is an evolutionary brand that keeps up with cutting-edge trends and the latest scientific advancements. As a trusted leader in skincare, we strive to bridge the gap between aesthetic medicine and art.

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