A minimally invasive method of treating hernia of the disc via gel injected through the skin into sick disk

Today's lifestyle which includes irregular and fast food, not enough movement and exercise, and plenty sitting leads to various health problems. This kind of lifestyle is especially bad on the spine causing pain and numbness to occur. One of the causes of very severe spinal pain may be disc herniation. Everyone who has met with this diagnosis and know what pains this injury causes have wanted the pain removed soon as possible. Disc herniation is a bulge of a disc between two vertebrae. It can occur at all levels in the spine: cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. It sometimes occurs in the younger age, and those who are more prone to stress are especially vurnable, such as athletes or manual workers.

Disc herniation is usually treated with medication and physical therapy, and only in severe cases with surgery. In Croatia a minimally invasive DiscoGel method of treatment is also available for patients who are not helped by conservative treatment. This new minimally invasive method of treatment by injection of a special gel through the skin into the damaged and diseased disc itself, is especially suitable for patients with discus hernia who are not helped by medication or physical therapy. It is also suitable for patients who are not candidates for, or do not want classic surgery. DiscoGel procedure is performed by a specialist in spine and minimally invasive procedures.

Advanatages of DiscoGel

  • check Painless procedure with usage of local anesthethics
  • check Duration of the procedure is 20 to 40 minutes
  • check It is possible to operate on multiple discs at once
  • check Treatment of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine
  • check Patient is dismissed two hours after the procedure
  • check The procedure is performed without open surgery, leaves no scars and does no damage to the surrounding tissue
  • check Faster recovery and less risk than a conventional operation
  • check A financially more affordable solution than a classic operation

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